Animal shelters face significant challenges in preventing, diagnosing, and treating many forms of infectious disease due to limited financial and organizational resources. Daily decisions must be made about the best allocation of resources for prevention and treatment of disease, spaying/ neutering, and behavioral rehabilitation.

Remember: by the time a dog is diagnosed as heartworm-positive, heartworm disease has already begun.
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Heartworm Positive dogs in 2019
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Early diagnosis and early elimination of heartworms with adulticidal therapy give a dog the best chance of a healthy life. However, heartworm infection has consequences, and damage can be life-long.

That’s why the American Heartworm Society (AHS) recommends year-round heartworm prevention for all pets. For more information on the AHS guidelines, as well as tools to educate your family and friends, check out

2020 Heartworm Positive Dogs To Date