LOVE Giving Annual Campaign

The Love Giving Annual Campaign has a significant role in the success of the Community Humane Shelter. Each year the Community Humane Shelter must raise 85% of their operating budget through private donations.

There are four main areas of focus that comprise this campaign: medical expenses; spay and neuter; adoption sponsorship, and daily animal care.

Please select one of the four areas in which you would like to give. You can give the optional amount or a customized amount.

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Did you know? If only 150 people were to make a monthly reoccurring donation of $25 to the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County it would cover the yearly expense of food for all of the animals that the shelter takes care of in one year. THIS IS HUGE! Please consider giving up four specialty coffee drinks per month and feed animals to make a difference. Donate today by clicking the "donate" button below.